Grappa Harlequin Zyme

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Grappa di Harlequin grappa distilled from the pomace of grapes that produced Harlequin and Kairos Town/area: province of Verona Alcohol: 48% Distillation method: use of a single-batch pot still, with a 3-step distillation. Th e alembic is fi lled with the correct amount of pomace moistened with water, which is then gradually heated to a boil. Th e fl ow of spirits is then monitored to remove the fi rst fractions, known as the heads, and the last, or tails, while preserving the fi nest part, the heart. Th e resulting grappa is then stored several months in steel tanks, then diluted with water originating in porphyritic rock, and therefore pure. Th e fi nal step is to preserve the grappa for several says at -8oC, then cellulose fi lter and bott le it Ideal food pairing: enjoy by itself or with dry pastries, desserts, and mixed nuts Serving temperaure: 10 – 12°C Recommended glass: tulip-shaped glass Bouquet: pronounced, pleasant fragrance, very refi ned, with hints of mint, fruit, and wild red berry
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