2019 Colore Bibi Graetz 20 Anniversario

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The “Dream”
Colore is the highest expression of Bibi Graetz dream, from very old vineyards of Sangiovese. Poor soils mixed with sand and stone and high altitude create the perfect terroir for a wine that tells a lot about Tuscany and its ancient taste. Only the best few barrels of the whole production will become Colore.

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
“Monumental, there is no better word to describe this vintage. Roundness in every single aspect of the wine: elegance, freshness and great acidy that gives very fine layers surprisingly detectable on the nose and at the first sip. Colore 2019 celebrates my 20th anniversary as a winemaker. It has been a great
journey since 2000, full of satisfactions and now with this vintage I finally close the circle. My wines at the beginning were looking for structure and concentration, in 2009 I realized that “elegance” should have been the main drive. In 2019 I did it!”
Bibi Graetz

Vintage 2019
Vintage 2019 provided the best conditions for a full and healthy development
of the plants. During the spring, the limited quantity of the rain prevented the
onset of illnesses. The summer was characterized by a good thermal excursion
between day and night with a very “smooth” climate which gave the
possibility to the grapes to ripen slowly and completely. The result was that
the grapes had the perfect quantity of sugar and acidity with an incredible
aromatic texture. The harvest started on September 21th and ended the 8th of

Vinification and Ageing
The grapes sourced for Colore were selected from 3 vineyards: Lamole, Vincigliata and Siena. Each vineyard was harvested up to 8 times, allowing to hand-pick the grapes at the perfect level of ripening. After the first selection in the vineyards, a second selection occurs at the winery before the destemming.
At this stage the berries were softly pressed and placed in open-top barriques, with extreme attention on keeping each plot and parcel separate from the others. The fermentation is conducted by indigenous yeasts naturally with 6 to 8 manual punch-down and pump-over per day, without temperature control and without bleedings, and lasted up to 2 weeks, with one extra week of maceration on the skins. After the fermentation the wine is moved into new barriques, where the malolactic fermentation happens. Each parcel is aged separately for almost 20 months before the final blend is decided.

16 Monate Barrique
18 C°
14 %